Easy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Recipe


Elevate your breakfast with a touch of Japanese culinary artistry by making these light and fluffy soufflé pancakes. With just a few simple ingredients and some careful technique, you can create a breakfast that looks impressive and tastes delightful. These pancakes are incredibly soft and airy, thanks to the whipped egg whites and gentle folding technique.


  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 10g of sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • A little bit of cream of tartar (optional, to stabilize the egg whites)
  • Cooking oil, for frying


  1. Prepare the Egg Whites: In a clean, dry bowl, beat the egg whites with a hand mixer or whisk. If using, add a pinch of cream of tartar to help achieve stiff peaks. Continue to beat until the egg whites form stiff peaks and are glossy.
  2. Mix Yolk Mixture: In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, and salt until smooth and creamy.
  3. Combine Mixtures: Gently fold the yolk mixture into the beaten egg whites using a rubber spatula. Take care to fold gently to keep the mixture as light as possible.
  4. Cook the Pancakes: Heat a frying pan over medium heat and brush with a small amount of cooking oil. Pour the batter into the pan, forming pancakes of your desired size. Cook for a few minutes until the bottom is golden brown and the edges start to look set.
  5. Flip Carefully: Gently flip each pancake and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes or until both sides are golden brown and the pancake is fluffy and cooked through.
  6. Serve: Serve the pancakes immediately with your choice of toppings such as whipped cream, fresh fruits, or syrup.

Additional Tips:

  • Egg Temperature: Ensure your egg whites are at room temperature to maximize volume when whipping.
  • Gentle Folding: Avoid overmixing once the yolks are added to the whites. Overmixing can deflate the batter, resulting in less fluffy pancakes.
  • Cooking Patience: Allow the pancakes enough time to form a crust on the bottom before flipping them to prevent breaking.

Serving Suggestions:

Take your Japanese Soufflé Pancakes to the next level with these enhanced serving ideas:

  • Creative Toppings: Beyond the traditional whipped cream and syrup, consider offering a variety of toppings such as nut butters, chocolate sauce, caramel, or even a scoop of ice cream for a dessert-like treat. For a healthier twist, top with Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of chia seeds.
  • Fruit Compote: Simmer seasonal fruits like berries, apples, or peaches with a touch of cinnamon and honey to make a warm fruit compote. This not only adds flavor but also a lovely texture contrast to the soft pancakes.
  • Savory Versions: For a savory option, omit the sugar in the batter and top the pancakes with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, or smoked salmon and cream cheese with a sprinkle of fresh dill.
  • Brunch Buffet: Include these pancakes as a standout dish in a brunch buffet, accompanied by other brunch favorites like omelets, croissants, and mimosas.

Nutrition Information:

Understanding the nutritional aspects of Japanese Soufflé Pancakes helps in appreciating how they fit into a healthy diet:

  • Protein: Each pancake is rich in protein due to the eggs, helping to support muscle repair and growth. Protein is also filling, which can help control appetite and support weight management.
  • Carbohydrates: While the pancakes are relatively low in carbohydrates, serving them with syrups or fruits adds quick energy, making them a suitable option for breakfast when energy needs are higher.
  • Low Fat: These pancakes are low in fat, especially if minimal oil is used for cooking and toppings are chosen wisely. Using cooking spray or a non-stick pan can reduce the amount of oil needed further.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Eggs are a good source of vitamins like B12, D, and minerals such as selenium and choline. These nutrients are crucial for many body functions, including immune support and brain health.
  • Sugar Control: By controlling the amount of sugar added to the batter and choosing healthier toppings, these pancakes can be made more suitable for those monitoring their sugar intake, such as diabetics or those on low-sugar diets.

These pancakes offer a delightful blend of taste and texture that can be adapted to various dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a light and fluffy treat or a nutritious meal option, these soufflé pancakes provide a versatile base to enjoy in countless delicious ways.


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